Blue Meteorite expands in the Nordic market in cooperation with Fujitsu

Blue Meteorite expands its service offering in the Nordic countries in cooperation with Fujitsu. The first customer projects in Sweden and Denmark are already ongoing. Blue Meteorite is a Finnish company partly owned by Fujitsu.

”In Finland we are an acknowledged partner in digital workplace and digital business solutions. We believe that there is a market for our intranet expertise and enterprise social knowledge also in the other Nordic countries. Therefore we are now opening an office in Stockholm in collaboration with Fujitsu”, says CEO Pekka Walkama. At first Blue Meteorite employs two experts in Stockholm. The aim is to increase the number of employees up to 20 persons.

Group-wide Intranet for Boliden in Sweden

The first customer projects in Sweden and Denmark have already started. ”In March we signed an agreement with Boliden to build a group-wide intranet based on SharePoint 2013. There were several supplier candidates from different countries, including Sweden, competing for the deal”, says Sales Director Jari Pullinen. At the moment Blue Meteorite is also building a social intranet for a significant Danish company.

”The fact that Blue Meteorite won these two projects strengthens our belief in our possibilities in the Nordic market. Our offering stands out because of our ready-to-use Valo intranet solution, as well as our thorough Yammer and cloud experience. In the future Valo intranet can even be purchased as a cloud or hybrid solution from Fujitsu’s secure Cloud OS”, Pullinen concludes.

For more information, please contact:

Pekka Walkama
CEO, Blue Meteorite
Tel. +358 20 7907 721, pekka.walkama (at) meteoriitti.com

Jari Pullinen
Sales Director, Blue Meteorite
Tel. +358 020 7907 784, jari.pullinen (at) meteoriitti.com