We make workday experiences functional and customer experiences delightful

Blue Meteorite designs and implements digital services to support the business of our customers. The services we build are useful, practical and user-friendly.

Consulting business of Blue Meteorite became part of Valtti Kumppanit on September 2020.

Valtti will operate as an exclusive sales and distribution partner for Valo in Finland. Read more about Valtti here.

Digital workplace

Every employee is a part of the digital workplace – not only the traditional office workers. A modern efficient workday simply requires a functioning digital toolset. The heart of a digital workplace is a modern intranet. It is the center of information, social collaboration and a hub for digital work altogether. A modern intranet combines for example document management solutions, enterprise social (Yammer) tools, customer management solutions as well as mobile applications for your field workers.

Blue Meteorite’s Valo Intranet is an easy and fast way to build a modern intranet that suits the needs of your organization – without reinventing the wheel. Valo runs on top of Microsoft Office 365 digital toolset but it can be installed locally as well. Valo does not limit any possibilities to customize your intranet freely. We can help you with all other Office 365 needs as well regardless of what they are.

Digital ways of working

Cloud, mobility and user-friendly applications are core elements when building competitive edge for organizations. However the full potential of modern technology cannot be harnessed unless you know how to use it correctly.

Our services for organizational ways of working a designed to help lead the development of digital work and to train and pilot better ways of operating in practice. Trainings are not based only on particular technologies rather than work routines that can be improved with better use of digital tools. We help both individuals and teams evolve and carry out necessary changes in their ways of operating. We also help entire organizations to get rid of unnecessary silos and frictions that prevent from working efficiently.

Process digitalization

How much time does your organization spend in manual processes and how could this time be utilized more efficiently? An excellent example is our customer Lassila & Tikanoja that successfully shifted from a pen&paper –method into a mobile app in their waste management operations.

Digitalization affects all areas of your business, whether it is a part or your customer-experience or the workday-experience of your employees. We can assist you all the way starting from selecting and planning the process to piloting, implementing and further developing it.

Customer management and marketing automation

Digitalization has changed how your customers buy. They independently look for information about your products online. They compare and ask for recommendations. How well do you know your customers? What are they discussing about online and how well does your message reach them?

With right tools and ways of working, you can build trust by helping your customer in different steps of their buying process. While doing this, you can boost your productivity and team-work by sharing silo-free customer information across your whole organization and enabling collaboration. Blue Meteorite helps you build a functioning solution for your customer management, marketing, digital customer care and social listening needs. We utilize for example the Microsoft Dynamics product family as well as Office 365 services to achieve this in a way that best suits the needs of your organization.

Web services and e-commerce

Is your company’s web-precence in order when you’ve published a homepage and set up a social media account? We don’t think so. Since the founding of our company, we have specialized in designing, implementating and maintaining modern web services.

Did you know that customers are typically more satisfied with service experiences that can be finalized entirely online? Digital services don’t only bring cost-reductions, they bring companies closer to their customers in different stages of the buying process. We help you make sure your web services meet business needs in every way. A functioning modern website is not a silo – it is an integrated, user-friendly and memorable public user-interface for your communications, marketing and customer service as well as all other operations.

Digital Customer Care

Digitalization exposes your products and services to competition unseen before. If your customer is not happy, it has never been so easy to change verdors. The best way to keep your customers and build competitive edge is to create delightful customer-experiences in all relevant channels. It is typically much more cost-efficient to keep your existing customers satisfied than acquire new ones.

Your customers expect seamless customer service in social media, chat-channels, personalized 24/7 self-service portals, voice-channel as well as traditionally face-to-face. This diversity of channels is best managed with an integrated solution for customer management, marketing, call and contact centers as well as social media listening. A unified platform enables unified customer information throughout your organisation and helps you serve customers better. Our solutions are typically based on Microsoft Dynamics product family and we also help you plan the best ways of working with them for your organisation.

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